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Professional Minutes/Digital Transcriptions

Since commencing operations in 1994, Transcripts Plus has assisted courts, universities, corporations and
private individuals. We aim to produce simple, easy to read transcripts and minutes (summary reports) for our clients
around Australia and the Pacific Rim on time and at a cost-effective rate.
Many clients have also utilised our professional minute taking services. A trusted independent source, we can document a meeting and provide accurate minutes on-the-spot
or a day or two later.

We are happy to discuss our services with you in more detail.

Verbatim digital transcriptions

  • We use a patented verification process to ensure 100% accuracy
  • We do NOT charge extra for multiple speakers
  • We aim to ensure 100% readability
  • We do NOT 'round up' times
  • All work is expedited
  • We do NOT charge extra for verbatim
  • Our rates are highly competitive
  • We typically answer calls immediately or within half an hour
Additional services

  • Timestamps - no additional cost
  • Keyword indexes - no additional cost
  • Condensed transcripts - no additional cost


  • Documents can be provided via email, disk/stick or hard copy


  • We understand all work should be treated as fully confidential
    and are happy to sign confidentiality agreements.
    Condensed transcripts - no additional cost


          Having an independent minute taker, such as Transcripts Plus, is vital to avoiding later disputation about interpretation of events or decisions. That's why so many organisations engage us. Our staff have the technical expertise to concentrate for many hours, in order to take accurate notes of often complex meetings. We will then provide a condensed and uncluttered portrayal of the meeting. Key discussion points can be boxed, depending on the style of minutes you select, with motions clearly outlined.

          Types of Minutes

          We can provide three styles of minutes, however because of the universal applicability of our format, the style can be changed at any time. These options are:

          STYLE A: introductory remarks to an item and action outcome

          STYLE B: minutes of narration – introductory remarks to an item, key discussion points (to assist with understanding how a decision was made) and action/outcome boxes

          STYLE C: minutes of resolution – purely the actions/outcomes, usually done on a laptop