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Verbatim Transcripts On-Site

At Transcripts Plus, we always aim to provide the best transcription solutions anywhere in Australia and the Pacific Rim. When we are present at a hearing or meeting we use SpeechCAT technology. This advanced software has a six channel, built-in digital recording system. This enables us to produce realtime verbatim transcripts, create a professional digital recording and even offer a video record of your meeting, if required. Speaker identification is easily obtained and punctuation is added as the hearing progresses.
The transcription is draft on the spot, as proofing will be needed before it is released as an official transcript. Such proofing will either require time to go over the transcript for accuracy or the engagement of an additional staff member. The latter option would be subject to additional costs.
We charge a half-day or full-day appearance rate, plus a per A4 page rate, if we are in attendance. Please contact us today for more information.

Key benefits of onsite service

We digitally record and produce the transcript at the same time. Our software indicates the actual progressive cost of a transcript as it is being taken via a page counter. The reporter can move the equipment to any setting within minutes.Using a special purpose device which acts like a sound booth, the reporter can obtain a crystal clear recording of the meeting without any extraneous noise. Instantaneous translation is enabled through our SpeechCAT software. We can also video a meeting and/or place indications in the transcript.

Where can voice writing be used?

SpeechCAT is perfect for court hearings, AGMs, workshops, conferences, focus groups, interviews and lectures.

We are more than happy to provide you with a no cost or obligation demonstration of the cutting-edge technology that is now the backbone of our business.

A qualified reporter will attend the meeting, or work from a remote location. You do not need to buy any equipment, be specially trained or speak into any device.